K-Drama Review: W – Two Worlds

Preeti Rawat, Delhi

I recently finished watching W – Two Worlds for the first time – four years after its release. Coaxed into trying it despite my reservations and initial hesitation, I soon realized it was going to be a memorable one that would find a spot in my folder of ‘Best dramas of all time’.

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W – Two Worlds is a multi-genre drama released in 2016 inclusive of fantasy, romance, and thriller. Starring Han Hyo-joo and Lee Jong-suk in the lead, the 16-episode series narrates the story of Oh Yeon-joo, a resident cardio thoracic surgeon, who is dragged into the alternative world of ‘W’ – a webtoon created by her illustrator-author father, Oh Seong-moo. Soon, she finds her life entangled with the lead of the plot, Kang Chul, a much-loved multi-millionaire who was once accused of massacring his own family. As they struggle to differentiate the thin line that separates the two worlds of reality and illusion, and their struggle to find a murderer who has no identity, they must cope with their feelings for each other, not once but multiple times.

What I loved about the drama:

  1. The engaging plot: Though the story line may appear simple, the way all the minute details have been perfectly interwoven to create a masterpiece is commendable. The rules and regulations that govern the alternative world, the plots of the webtoon that need to be sketched to offer solutions and escapes, and the intricate details of each character, are well thought of. There’s never a dull moment in the story. With twists and turns in every episode, this drama is bound to keep the audience engaged till the end.
  2. The choice of actors: The entire cast fit their respective roles perfectly but the two characters that stood out for me were that of Oh Seong-moo, the creator of the webtoon, and Park Soo-bong, his assistant. Kim Eui-sung, a veteran in the industry has played the role of the troubled webtoon creator with perfection. As the drama proceeds, Kim Eui-sang‘s character throws in a huge surprise that viewers will not anticipate coming. Similarly, Lee Si-eon plays his assistant and a confidant who is aware of the existence of the two worlds. His courage at the times of helplessness and uncertainty and his dramatic responses offer ease in a drama that is high on suspense.

What could work better:

  1. The serious second half: As is the case with many dramas, ‘W: Two Worlds’ suffers minutely from the curse of a comic plot turning too serious. While it may be needed to highlight the gravity of the situation, the comic relief that was visible in the first half could have helped to ease the tension in the second part. Just a thought though!

As easy as it may appear, you need to watch the drama attentively to notice the multiple layers that form the story and the supporting characters around the leads who have their own stories to share, to truly understand and appreciate the drama. This drama is also available on Netflix. Let us know what you thought of it!

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  1. I really loved the chemistry between the leads and that made the drama even more memorable to watch!

  2. sanskriti_pun says:

    I love this drama so much but I was really disappointed by the ending T-T. I love your review 🙂

  3. jasminek134 says:

    This drama kept me hooked from beginning till the very last episode. One of the best performances from Lee Jong-suk. The storyline was so intense, yet the chemistry between the pair maintained its romantic quotient. Kudos to the writer for reviewing this article so well!

  4. ritika says:

    I started watching this because of Lee Jong suk, but it was great to watch!

  5. Vanshika Mittal says:

    Amazing! ❤

  6. SHEFALI SINGH says:

    I completely agree with you. At first I watched this drama because of Lee Jong-suk. He’s HANDSOME & so CUTE! I have seen almost every drama of his. But later it became one of my best dramas.
    The story, acting, and visuals are amazing!! Each and every episode made me feel like it’s the last one — that’s how thrilling it is to watch this drama.
    You won’t regret watching it!

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