Super Junior’s Quick-Witted Idol

Ashley Kumar, Delhi

Even if you don’t stan or don’t know much about second-generation K-pop groups, you would have definitely heard about Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul. He is known as one of the main rappers in Super Junior and is a vocalist as well. He might be one of the quieter ones on stage, but when it comes to variety shows, Hee-chul conquers all. Even big professional comedians like Kang Ho-dong and Lee Soo-geun fail before his quick-witted and hilarious comebacks.

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Hee-chul is known for saying whatever comes to his mind, and if he gets called out for being rude, he always has a funny and witty comment ready, which further shows his comedic talent. He used to appear as a guest on variety shows like X-Man, Star King, and Star Golden Bell with his group when he was a rookie idol. He performed exceptionally well whenever Super Junior was invited and was successfully able to show his hilarious side, which made the viewers shed tears due to uncontrollable laughter.

He is a total television maniac as he knows about almost all Korean shows, celebrities, and movies. On top of that, he is a big fan of anime. Due to his profound knowledge, he knows how to mimic other idols in an exaggerated way. In 2015, Super Junior was invited on Radio Star to promote their comeback for their special album called Devil. On the show, they were asked to sing a song called ‘I Believe’, and Hee-chul became the star of the show with his legendary performance. The whole group sang the song by mimicking other artists styles, but Hee-chul did most of the work. The way he sang like other artists was extremely hilarious which left the viewers panting for breath because of excessive laughter. Of course, he added various exaggerations of his own, but that is what makes Kim Hee-chul extraordinarily talented. Lee Soo-man also commented that there will never be any other person like Kim Hee-chul.

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Due to his humorous appeal and exceptional comedic talent, Hee-chul was also invited as a guest host on Weekly Idol and a permanent host on Knowing Bros, also known as Men on a Mission. Both of these are the funniest shows in South Korea and are loved by the international audience, and Hee-chul is majorly attributed for being one of the main reasons for these shows’ popularity. He uses all his television knowledge and mimicking skills to make people laugh, and is also capable of making light-hearted jokes on people’s past, including his own.

He is also endowed with amazing singing skills, that can melt people’s hearts. He specialises in rock ballads, and in 2019, he released his single called ‘Old Movie’. He has a unique voice as well. At times, people are surprised by his vocal skills because they see him more like a comedian than an idol. He has been in the entertainment industry for more than 15 years, yet his talent never stops growing. He is also known as ‘The Crazy One’ in the industry, and it is all because of his extremely funny side.

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Even though Hee-chul is an idol first, you can count on him to make you laugh uncontrollably if you are having a bad day. And if you want to listen to some music, then Hee-chul and Super Junior’s songs are the best for you as they are both beautiful and legendary. Let us know any beautiful memories of yours with the idol and his group in the comment section.

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