K-OST Review: ‘Orbit’ by MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

Sonali Sharma, Tezpur, Assam

Girl group MAMAMOO‘s Ahn Hye-jin, better known by her stage name Hwasa, took the fans by surprise when she joined the original soundtrack lineup of SBS’s The King: Eternal Monarch and released her first-ever solo OST titled ‘Orbit‘ on April 19, 2020.

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Hye-jin, who has had a successful career ever since she debuted with MAMAMOO in 2014 with their album Hello, made her solo debut on Feb 13, 2019, with ‘Twit‘. The single not only topped the Gaon Digital Chart but also scored a triple crown. While the singer-songwriter continued her journey in the industry, collaborating with national and international artists, this is the first time she has lent her voice to an OST. Since the fans wanted to hear more of her mesmerising vocals, this OST served them just what they were eagerly waiting for.

‘Orbit’ is composed and arranged by Park Woo-sang (박우상), who has previously worked with MAMAMOO on their chartbuster ‘Hip‘ from the album Reality in BLACK and the members’ solo works. The lyrics are penned down by Park Woo-sang (박우상) and Sora (소라). 

The soundtrack is a beautiful composition, and Hwasa’s mellifluous voice makes it even more pleasing to the ears. The euphonious sound of the acoustic guitar, played along with the electric guitar at the beginning of the song, creates an impact on the listeners by binding them to their places. The additional sound effects, like the thunder at the beginning of the music video, the reverb, the echo, and the harmonious chorus, add to the charm. This track falls in the category of songs that come unannounced and get stuck in your mind.

The song beautifully showcases Hye-jin’s versatility and is proof of her remarkable talent. This is, undeniably, a perfect song for a drama and has that beautiful tone that can steal the hearts of the listeners. 

The lyrics of the song are as beautiful as the song itself. They express the longing and commitment of a lover who chooses to stay close to the person she/he loves. The lyrics are written in a way to show how one would be ready to walk endlessly through the various ups and downs in life with the person they love. It also expresses the lover’s desire to stay with her/his loved one in their abode forever. The lyrics are written to perfection to express the emotions conveyed through the song.

The music video is a visual treat! It captures the introduction of the leads of the fantasy-romance drama at the right moment when Lee Gon, an emperor of the kingdom of corea in a parallel universe, crosses the barrier to reach the modern-day Republic of Korea and meets Jung Tae-eul, a detective. Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun, who portray the characters of the emperor and the detective, respectively, convey the emotions perfectly.

Overall, this track is truly magical. It has the perfect blend of heavenly vocals, mesmerizing melody, meaningful and deep lyrics, and a dramatic and aesthetically pleasing music video. Check out the OST here.

Video Credits: Stone Music Entertainment

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