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In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the popularity of South Korea and its culture across the world. One of the major reasons behind the same is Hallyu/ Korean Wave, due to which the Korean entertainment and the tourism industry have observed a tremendous boom.

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I know for some of us, the main reason to visit South Korea is because of the influence of K-pop groups such as BTS or EXO, and because of K-drama actors like Lee Min-ho and Ji Chang-wook. It is a dream for every fangirl/ fanboy to visit South Korea once and experience the Korean culture and cuisine, as well as visit popular spots that are widely famous due to their association with the K-pop groups and K-dramas. So, let’s start with the 5 must-visit places in South Korea that you should definitely visit.

5. The Octagon Club

Who doesn’t like to dance and party? Even if you don’t dance, you can still enjoy the music at some of the famous clubs in South Korea. Seoul City, the capital of South Korea, is known for its vibrant nightlife. There are various clubs in Seoul but the Octagon Club is one of the most popular clubs. It has the highest quality music system that offers a wide choice of music. The most exciting aspect of this club is that some of the best and international DJs like Paul Van Dyk have performed here.

4. Han River Lookout Cafes

If you want to enjoy the beauty of South Korea with your loved ones, then you should definitely check out any one of the nine cafes which are on the six bridges of the Han river. Each cafe has its menu, theme, and style. For instance, Hannamdaegyo Bridge’s Rainbow Cafe in Gangnam district of Seoul offers Rainbow coloured cocktail, while the objective of Riverview Bom Cafe located on Jamsildaegyo Bridge near Jamsil Station, is to bring happiness to every visitor who visits the cafe.

3. Yeojwacheon Stream

If you are obsessed with cherry blossoms and want to experience a perfect day with your partner, then this place is just the right place. Yeojwacheon Stream in Jinhae is also a perfect spot for photo shoots. There are two popular locations across this stream – the Romance Bridge and the Gyeonghwa Station. The beautiful cherry blossom trees across the stream create a perfect ambience similar to the scenes of a K-drama. Hundreds of pink and white flowers look like a beautiful crown on the trees that make the place charming and magical.

2. K-Pop Experiences

This is especially for the fangirls and fanboys who want to have a real-life K-pop adventure. Following are the options that you can experience on your visit:
1. SM Town and SM Museum
2. BTS Trazy Tour
3. MBC World

At these three places, you will find a lot of exciting K-pop related stuff, such as K-pop albums, costumes, merchandise, that are used in various K-pop songs. You will also find hand impressions of your favourite artists, various shooting locations of BTS and other groups, and many more things.

1. N Seoul Tower

You must have seen the N Seoul Tower in a lot of K-dramas, such as The Legend of the Blue Sea (a K-drama starring Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun). This spot is extremely popular among the youth and the couples. You can do a lot of exciting stuff there, like putting a padlock along with the names of your loved ones or visit Ssentoy Museum, which is a treat for Disney and Marvel fans. You can also experience the beautiful view of the whole city from the top of the tower.

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Which places do you wish to visit in South Korea? Tell us about them in the comment section.

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