K-Song Review: BTS’ Zero O’Clock (00:00)

Kabir Khan, New Delhi

Listening to BTS has always been a pleasure. Over the years, one after the other, they’ve been continuously releasing terrific hits. Released in 2020, ‘Map of the Soul: 7’, we were gifted with some of the best melodies with the most beautiful lyrics. Today I’m going to talk about one song from this album, that is dear to my heart and soul! (pun intended). Let’s get it!

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The thirteenth track of BTS’ studio album Map of the Soul: 7, Zero O’clock (0:00) was released on 21st February, 2020. A soft-pop ballad song by the vocal line of BTS, comprising Jungkook, V, Jin and Jimin, it is produced by Pdogg and written by the celebrated song-writer and leader of the sensational boy band around the globe, RM of BTS. In one of his lives on VLive, RM has mentioned that this track is his favourite from the entire MOTS: 7 album; and surely this song does not fail to please many.

With lyrics that goes, Turn this all around, when everything is new, zero o’clock gives you an idea of how this song is an absolute package of wholesomeness and hope. When I heard this song for the first time I was attracted to Jungkook’s melodious voice in the very first verse. Not knowing the lyrics, I used to hum it through, and I was so fascinated with this song that I started watching videos of vocal coaches reacting to it and that’s when I stumbled upon reading its lyrics as well. I knew, at that point that this is The Song; This is my jam!

I related to the lyrics of this song so much that I almost believed that someone must have been spying on me when this song was being made. I would be crying but as soon as I’d see the clock striking 12 at midnight, calming, I would drift off to a sound sleep, remembering the phrase from the song, Will something be different? It won’t be, but atleast this day is over.” Overwhelmed by the heartfelt lyrics, I even wrote them down in my diary.

Based on my interpretations of the lyrics, in the first verse of the song, Jungkook possibly talks about depression, as he sings being “sad for no reason” “body is heavy” and that his “feet won’t set off” while everyone else seems busy and competitive“, and “the world appears cruel.” In the second verse, Jimin also progresses Jungkook’s concern, as he sings “my heart crumbles and I talk less.” In the Pre-chorus, V and Jin refer the “bed” as their safe space, away from the world; as they sing after a long day filled with hurdles, soon it’ll be midnight, giving hope for a new beginning as everything can start over again.

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Midnight. Zero o’clock.

When the hour and minute hands overlap, the world holds its breath for ‘a second.’

As the chorus advances with all four vocalists; it confronts the listeners with their fears. They sing about how it will all fall in place as everything will be new at Zero O’Clock, “and you’re gonna be happy” at the end. The bridge gives off the hopeful vibrations as they’re “praying” and “hoping” for a new and better tomorrow.

That was my analysis on the lyrics and about this song. I have been a fan of BTS for almost one and a half year. Listening to their albums one after another, I have realised that there is a noticeable chronological order in their songs that narrates an entire journey of its own and how they lead you towards a story that starts with their struggles and hardships, continues with searching for hope, yearning of love and losses, experiencing youth and friendship, facing life’s hurdles, not giving up and finally achieving self-love, followed by success, achievements, and dignity; and still this story is not yet over, as Jungkook beautifully delivers towards the end of Zero O’Clock, “When this song ends, may a new song begin” revealing that as the album is not yet over, the story of one’s life must go on as well.

This song is a calming piece with soothing falsettos and vocal harmonies to listen to at the end of a tiring day. BTS has given me a lot more than I have asked for and this song has given me a picture of myself. I thank BTS for this.

Have you heard this song? What do you feel about it?

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  1. The article is so well written. This song has been my comfort place ever since it was released 💜.

  2. ojashreya27 says:

    Exceptionally written. I felt like I was listening to the whole song, everything felt so good. Indeed this song is a masterpiece 💜

  3. Loved the article!❤️ It is so well written and I could relate to it so much!💞 This song is such a comfort after a long tiring day and never fails to bring a smile on my face💜💜

  4. Smriti. L says:

    The article express the meaning of song really well!❤️

  5. ThatMoleGirl says:

    Wow…loved the article .. beautifully expressed💗

  6. hallyufan135 says:

    The song is mesmerizing. Whenever I have work to do at night. Or I can’t sleep. This is the song I hear. Always. And also well written. Too good

  7. This song indeed gives comfort to us. Thanks for this well written article

  8. shrishti3599 says:

    It written very nicely 👌

  9. saumya7897 says:

    I jst love the way..almost every BTS song has such great messages n meanings…well written article⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  10. chandrasep11 says:

    BTS…well who doesn’t love this band. The one and only who made up this far on their own.. and MAP of Soul is just i never get tired after hearing it so many times.. and you just express the whole thing very beautifully…very well done

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