Limese Master Class Experience

Seema and Yash Sharma, New Delhi

Limese Connect brings you Korean beauty and skincare products from different brands. Recently they have opened their first offline store in GK-1, New Delhi. On 27th November 2021, Saturday they have organized a Master Class where they introduced their new brand UNPA and MOART. The Masterclass itself was handled by their makeup expert, the hostess started by introducing the UNPA brand’s different products one by one.

First was the UNPA Lacto Cica Soothing Toner and the key ingredient of this toner is Centella Cica, which is great for all skin types and to soothe skin from various problems like flaring acne, pimples, etc. The unique thing is about this toner is that it has a milky base rather than having a water base.

Next up was the UNPA Lacto Cica Locking Serum, Korean beauty and skincare always come with new techniques, different styles of designing and packaging, and as we have seen that most of the serum comes in tubes but here the UNPA serum comes in a very unique form, it’s not in liquid or tube but surprisingly, was in the form of cotton pads soaked with the serum. Just simply use the plucker provided to pick them up and rub them on the skin.

Hallyuism Team Members attending the Limese Master Class

Then there was the UNPA Lacto Cica Barrier Cream, which contains 3 types of Centella extract and its main ingredient are Centella and Laminin which contains Cica and it’s really good and helpful for acne and pimple prone skin.

After that, she explained UNPA’s Bubi Bubi Bubble Lip Scrub. This Bubi Bubi Bubble lip scrub helps with dry lips, removes dead skin cells, and maintains moister of lips, comes in easy to use bottle. just pump it, apply on lips wait for a few seconds till it starts making bubbles and it’ll disappear in a few seconds after that gently scrub and wipe off.

Then they have UNPA Bubi Bubi lip mask, this lip mask works best in winter, the lip mask is black in color but makes your lips bushy pink. It was a really cool and innovative product to help keep your lips pink and plump for the perfect pout!

The store is very aesthetically pleasing and filled with different brands like UNPA, MOART among others. The staff there was amazing and insightful as they explained the products in great detail. We took a lot of selfies and pictures while looking to add some new products to our wardrobe. At the end of the Masterclass, the staff from Limese even gave us all free goodies in the form of MOART lipsticks in our personal shades. How cool is that! It was a really enriching experience and we can’t wait to dive in again.

Do visit the store for a K-Beauty Experience. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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