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BLACKPINK: The Movie was a special screening event hosted by KTO India on 4th December 2021 at PVR Directors Cut, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. It was a documentary film of the worldwide famous K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK, directed by Oh Yoon-dong and Su Yee-jung, starring band members Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa. 

Movie Screening

Blackpink released and gifted this movie to their fans Blinks on their 5th debut anniversary. It was based on their overall journey of 5 years as an idol, like how they become the group we know as Blackpink and their experiences as an idol group, the hard work that goes behind it, their concerts, performances, fan meets in different cities and countries.

The movie screening event started at 12:30 pm and the host introduced us to Dr. Choi Young-geul, the director of Korea Tourism Organization India. He then officially addressed us and also gave a small input on how to love Korea is by keeping our promises even if it’s small. After that, the movie started at 1 pm with BLACKPINK’s introduction and their performances on Ddu Du Ddu Du song followed by their other concert performances, like Kill this Love, Boombayah, Whistle, How You Like That and As if it’s your last. Their main focus was on the performances and concerts of the 2019 World Tour that took place in Manila, Philippines, Bangkok Thailand, Hongkong, Macau, Singapore, Canada, and so on.

There were solo performances like Jennie’s Solo, and then they performed on Pretty Savage, and Lovesick Girls through which they basically showed their dance practices, mini individual and group interviews, concerts, and their moments with Blinks.

Hallyuism team members who attended this screening once again had a get-together at PVR Directors Cut, Vasant Kunj which will remain unforgettable. After watching the movie, we can see how each and every member are hardworking, talented, and effortless when it comes to making music and holding concerts for their fans, including the harmonious relationship between the group and their fans that is Blinks.

Korean Delicacies for Refreshments

We also had a great time singing and dancing to the songs that were shown in the movie. During the intermission of the movie, we received a delicious Korean platter according to our preferences and our gifts from KTO India. The veg platter contained Kimchi Fried Rice along with a slice of onion, cucumber, and tomato; Korean Pancakes, Kimbap, Korean Fruit Salad, and Kimchi as the side dish. The same items were there for the non-veg platter as well but the only difference was that it had Chicken Tteokbokki, Chicken Kimbap, and Kimchi Fried Rice with chicken.

Gifts by KTO

The gift contained a flask with LED lights that showed temperature on the top, a mask, different guide books about Korea, and a recipe book. It was a pleasure to meet and have a picture with Dr. Choi Young Geul, Director of Korea Tourism Organization. Towards our left when we entered the venue there was a standee of BTS where we had our photographs at the end of the movie. Summing up, it was indeed a wonderful opportunity provided to us by KTO India for which we’ll be forever grateful.

Overall Experience

We were so excited when we got to know about this BLACKPINK the movie event by KTO India is going to be held in Delhi, as K-Pop lovers we had a great time watching the movie which felt like watching their concerts. It was an amazing experience to watch them on the big screen and the best thing about the movie was that it had English subtitles as well so that everyone can understand. The event was a complete package for a K-enthusiast including K-Pop music, songs performances, Korean food, goodie bags, wrapped with precious memories.

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  1. Wow! It was fun reading the experience. Now I also want to attend these kind of events.

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    It’s so good…… reading this made me feel like I was a part of it.

  3. I would love to attend events like these🥺❤️ This sounds so much fun♥️♥️

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      This sounds amazing 😍

  4. This sounds so exciting and fun.

  5. I really wish to attend such k-events in future

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    When can I also attend this kinds of events,but after reading this article ,it sounds fun.

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    Sounds exciting ✌️

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    Wow!! Looking forward to more such events 😍👍

  9. It was fun reading experience, i regret that i missed the event🥺

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    i always wished to attend a BLACKPINK event atleast once as a hardcore blink😭 this sounds so fun ngl TvT🙌🏽✨

  11. dailymadhu14 says:

    I am a hardcore blink. My ultimate group is BP. I really really love all four of them as a whole and will remain steadfast to this Kpop group till the very end. I watched this movie but still reading this made me feel like re-watching it!!

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