K-Song Review: Let Go by BTS

Shrishti Kalwar, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Throughout our lives, we often are obliged to make decisions where we need to choose between holding on to someone or letting them go. Of course, it is not easy to go for since we have held the strings for so long, but the agony will continue until we let go. Does that mean our suffering will end after it? Sadly, no but as time passes by, our pain keeps on fading, and we finally learn to live with ourselves which we once thought was impossible to unleash.

“Let Go” is a Japanese song by BTS which is part of their third full-length Japanese album “FACE YOURSELF” which was released back in 2018. It is also part of their second Japanese compilation album “BTS, THE BEST” which was released on June 16, 2021. All seven members (RM, Jin, SUGA, jhope, Jimin, V & Jung Kook) have done a phenomenal job with their voices. The music is soothing, and the lyrics are profound and poignantly touching.

“My love; I’m lost in the maze of my heart; you left me cold; stereo now turned to solo.”

“So many to let go unpuzzle my leggo strayed too far from where; a place we can’t return to so be it don’t cry I’mma let you go & fly.”

The first verse of the song expresses the hesitation and fear one goes through. From being together to now solitary, unfortunately, our paths have changed. We even start to question our fate. When we are about to give up on someone who has been part of our life for so long or maybe even if they have been there for a while still their presence had a huge impact on us. Too many emotions and thoughts keep stacking up and footprints us within. The struggles and frustration to get over it as we cannot go back to our past to change our present. Still, even after all of this, we build up the courage to give up.

“I can never seem to forget you burned into my mind like a tattoo.”

We try to divert ourselves by being busy with perpetual pieces of stuff so that we will barely have time to contemplate. But like a tattoo, they are burned into our minds and no matter how much we try to deter them, their thoughts keep lingering in our minds.

“Sometimes I wonder what’s been going with you despite the pain; I wonder do you think of me too?”

The second verse describes the suffering we go through. How our mind keeps craving for that person, how we are still curious about their whereabouts and whether they are still thinking about us the way we do? Life does not feel the same way as before without them, but it’s okay even if we are messed up.

“In the beginning of our ending beyond the tears that are hidden within all this rains; I’ll wait for you; let’s start over I’m hoping that in the future I’ll see you again.”

Initially, our hearts will always carry the burden of unspoken words and emotions that are left unveiled. But one day we will be jovial to recommence while eagerly awaiting the future.

“The sky’s colors we saw together the path we wandered I still remember promise that you won’t forget.”

The last and most beautiful verse describes acceptance. It refers to the colours of the sky, the path we wandered to the happy moments we shared with our loved ones. Whatever we have been through, deep down we wanted to cherish these memories while enclosing our hearts as these are the best closure that we can give to each other. Because even if we are not happy today but there were days when we were the reason for each other’s happiness.

“In giving up want we had and letting go of your hand I gotta let you know that I need to let you go; It’s hard say goodbye but I can’t run no I’m ready to let go.”

The chorus of the song narrates the void that is left with us when we move on from someone. Even if it’s arduous to part ways for us, we must do it because running away will only make things worse so let us face destiny much more heartily.

Video Credits: BANGTANTV

Overall, the song not only gives us the strength to move on but also embraces the fact that it is not going to be a cakewalk and we are going to fail. But for a better future, we must keep on trying and with time we will succeed. Since all relationships are not meant to be for a lifetime it does not mean we have to get rid of all of them. Maybe not now but at some point, in time they made us feel at home so there is no harm to cherish such moments because they will always bring a smile to our faces.

I hope you will feel the same or similar warmth that I feel from this song. I referred to an English cover of the song by Ysabelle Cuevas to understand the depth of this song as the English captions are yet to be available on the original Video. Here are the links for you to check out:

Video Credits: Ysabelle

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