K-Restaurant Review: Moim Café, Delhi

Sanskriti Saxena and Anushree Taparia (Delhi)

Moim Café is a cute cozy Korean cafe located in Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi that serves Korean snacks like ttoek-bokki, ramyeon, corndogs, ttoekkochi (Korean rice cake skewers) and so on. This café is mostly famous for its variety of BingsuLet us tell you what Bingsu is – it is a milk-based Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings that may include chopped fruit, condensed milk, or fruit syrup of the flavour you want to eat. This dessert is most suitable for summer.


The interiors of the café are simple and minimalistic. Perhaps it being a new establishment and we visited on Sunday; the service was a little slow. But they have made some corners of the café gram-worthy. The most adorable features of the café are the pebble stone entrance and the big moon with flaws. The moon has an illuminating yellow light border flaunting a very exquisite spot.

Culinary Experiences

For starters, we ordered their signature dish, Corn Cheese Ramyeon. The serving entices with an aroma of spicy ramyeon topped with corn in a cheese sauce, assembling a delightful combination. The spicy ramyeon was hitting the taste buds hard, but the corn and cheese soothed the impact. We tried adding some egg fry for a unique taste that balanced the spiciness of the dish. Overall, it was good and worth trying even if you can’t handle spicy food.

Corn Cheese Ramyeon

Next, we ordered Rose Ttoek-bokki. Rose flavour was quite captivating for a bit as it was different from regular flavours of ttoek-bokki. Once again, the dish had a delicate and subtle flavour. Tteok-bokki in a spicy, sweet and creamy sauce looked pretty and tasted good but felt a little bland for our Indian taste buds.

Rose Ttoek-bokki

The café also serves a variety of beverages. Their Cream Coffee was very relishing and creamy. This is the new type of coffee we have recently heard, so we were eager to try it. It is like regular cold coffee, but they add white cream on top, differentiating coffee and cream. The cream mixture with coffee was just perfect.

Cream Coffee

For dessert as familiar, we ordered Bingsu, but instead of ordering common flavours like red bean, chocolate or fruit, we ordered Biscoff Bingsu. Biscoff as the name suggests is a mixture of crushed biscuit and coffee powder but the coffee powder mixed with liquid cream diluted its bitterness. In general, the sweetness of the combination was just right, making the dessert paradisiacal. You can also try their other different flavours; they are available for one person or group.

Biscoff Bingsu

In a nutshell, the café is worth visiting for Korean snacks with delicious Bingsu and a variety of beverages. It can be considered for Instagrammable romantic dates or with your group of friends for some brunch. We had a great time during our visit to Moim Café and if you visit Safdarjung, it is a place you should visit for the prominent aesthetic outlook.

Have you had an enjoyable experience at a Korean restaurant in your city? What is your favorite Korean dish, and have you tried any of these dishes? Share your experience in the comments below!

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      Yes, I have visited a Korean cafe here named King’s Bakery😌✨I tried kimchi fried rice, spicy ramyeon and bibimbap. And I am in love with all of the dishes🤤❤

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      Yes, I have visited a Korean cafe here named King’s Bakery😌✨I tried kimchi fried rice, spicy ramyeon and bibimbap. And I am in love with all of the dishes🤤❤

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