6 Trending Korean snacks of 2023

Bhagyashree Thingalaya, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Korean snacks are an ongoing famous trend among all countries, which is mainly popularized by Korean dramas and in fact by K-pop idols as well! With a huge type of flavours available to suit different taste buds, there’s something for everybody. Such Korean snacks are made available more easily due to the rise in demand and popularity in them! Here are a few trending Korean snacks so far!

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A staple in Korean snacks, Pepero is a long cookie stick that is dipped in chocolate. You can see Pepero in every Korean home and every Korean convenience store, and the compact and thin sticks make it so easy to consume. While the original Pepero is covered in plain milk chocolate, the Lotte Company has created some innovative and new flavours. 

Picture Credits: LOTTE Confectionery S.E.A (Facebook)


This is one of the most iconic Korean snacks ever with some even considering it as South Korea’s national snack. The Choco Pie is easily characterized by two-sponge cakes with marshmallow filling topped with an exterior luscious chocolate coating. Orion has released many various flavors including this sticky Choco Pie Injeolmi a delicious treat for Korean rice cake and bingsoo lovers! Although Orion’s choco pies are often easily confused with Lotte’s choco pies many prefer Orion’s chocolate pies, as it’s reportedly moister than their Lotte counterparts. 

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While the name itself sounds yummy, Honey Butter Chips are also considered to be one of the famous and trending Korean snacks this year! The name might look too sweet to consume however it has a perfect balance of flavors that makes it such a great combination with any beverage taken. Honey Butter Chips has been produced by different manufacturing companies which makes it more interesting to try out different types of production.

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Korean Ramyeon famous for being seen only in Korean dramas is now seen in one’s kitchen too. The Hallyu created among international fans increased the demand for Ramyeon making it one of the most trending snacks of 2023. With a blast and diversity of so many flavours, types, and brands people are ready to try all of them! Ramyeon is definitely for those spicy, non-spicy, seafood, chicken, beef, and vegetarian lovers!

Picture Credits: 농심 (Nongshim) (Facebook)


At first, people were a little skeptical by hearing the name of this Korean snack but who knew it would turn out to be the most delicious delicacy, especially during some craving for snacks! Seaweed chips are made up of actual seaweed which gives a touch of sweetness and saltiness making it really crisp and tasty.

Picture Credits: Maangchi


Turtle chips have been considered to be one of the most loved Korean snacks internationally. This snack comes in various different types such as chocolate, honey butter, and regular. Due to its branding being done by some famous artists, this snack tends to stand out among the rest!

Picture Credits: Lazada Philippines

How many of them have been already tried by you? Which one do you want to try and which of them is your favorite? Let us know all about it in the comment section below!

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  1. Moumita Mondal says:

    I only tried Korean ramyeon many times and it’s super delicious . Now I wanna try pepero, choco pie , honey butter chips and turtle chips 😋

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  3. I used to get choco pie as return gift during my school days 😂
    Me and my younger brother threw most of them thinking it as some other random cheap thing. Later on I got to know that it’s from South Korea and the instant regret on my face told many untold stories. But now I seriously want to try all of these snacks 💔🫠

  4. Swapnil Sinha says:

    With Chocopie now becoming a fad.. I’ve been it’s fan since the time it’s dancing used to come on TV 🥰🥰

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    I have tried Orion’s choco pie and ramyun every now and then, it really tastes really greatt and i wanna try other snackss tooo

  10. I have actually tried most of them but my all time favorite will be pepero no special reason just loved it❤️

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    I recently tried the Turtle Chips and it’s delicious. Would love to try the Honey butter chips

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  27. susmitasamantajwmarriott says:

    이 음식들은 맛있어요…

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    Hmm..A new set of Korean snacks..Lessuggoo!!!

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  34. SABITRI MANNA says:

    Tried some snacks but would love to try others.

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