K-Song Review: My Universe by Coldplay and BTS

 Aanchal Yadav, Delhi 

Reminiscing the most startling highlights when Coldplay and BTS decided to drop a song they had collaborated on by the name ‘My Universe’. The Official Lyric Video was released on September 24, 2021, and the Official Music Video premiered on September 30, 2021. The song is produced by the Swedish record producer Max Martin and features English as well as Korean lyrics. A documentary about ‘My Universe’ featuring Coldplay and BTS was also released on September 26, 2021, which included exclusive behind-the-scenes and the thought process that was put into while making the music video. 

MV Interpretation

The MV portrays a story with an imagination contemplating by virtue how from now music will be forbidden across the spheres of the universe while unveiling the three different planets and the three different bands. With the help of DJ Lafrique, they defy the rules and regulations and unite with each other through music while running away from the silencers. The MV includes the use of VFX, CGI, characters and holograms. The song talks about how it doesn’t matter if you’re close to the people you love; what matters is how the bond remains alive. Coldplay and BTS have depicted the entirety of togetherness in such an admirable way.

The first verse starts with Chris Martin, expressing how people cannot capture the beauty, the infinite universe that resides in one’s eyes. Consecutively, followed by Jung Kook sings about his dreams, where he flies every night to meet the people he loves, indubitably the ARMYs and greets them with a smile every time they meet.

“You (You), you are (You are) my universe;
And I (I) just want (Just want) to put you first;
And you (You), you are (You are) my universe;
And you make my world light up inside.”

The chorus includes everyone singing in perfect harmony, and the lyrics discourse about how ARMYs are their universe. The light that resides in our hearts resonates deeply with each other. The chorus enlightens a glorious, beautiful melody, making me feel like I am on cloud 9, that all my problems are just not there anymore, submerging myself feeling high.

In the next part, they enunciate how people seem to say they can’t be together if they come from different sides and backgrounds. But it doesn’t matter because if the love is there, then nothing can stop people from uniting with each other, and music comprehends a bigger picture in between. After all, music has no language or boundaries. In the song’s bridge, j-hope and SUGA sing about how we create a new world for them in their cosmos, where we serve as their sun and stars, and how all of life’s difficulties are only momentary. Everything will be alright. We should not lose hope and keep shining as we have been from the start because they will always be there with us and follow us to adorn this night that already is so beautiful.

As the pre-chorus advances, they discuss how ARMYs are their universe, how life is empty and strange without them and how we are just meant for each other. The song is about how love transcends all rules and regulations, race, colour and sexuality. Especially during Covid-19 when the world was divided and left in shambles the one thing that helped reduce the growing distance between people was music.

I completely relate to the lyrics of My Universe. When my life gets hectic, the only thing that brings me serenity is music. For me, BTS is a part of my world that I never want to let go of. They are more than just a boy band; they are the most important part of my life. This song is worth listening to as the lyrics are beautiful, the beats are catchy and an all-around intriguing and appealing.

Video Credits: Coldplay

Have you heard the song yet? Let us know your impression of this endearing and surprising collaboration!

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  1. Moumita Mondal says:

    Yes definitely heard this masterpiece and seriously never expected such an iconic collaboration. But it really came out so well and whenever I listen to thz song, my mind gets fresh. I recommend this song to everyone 💜

  2. Sruthi E P says:


  3. Rahana says:

    It’s an beautiful and my fav song😍

  4. Tirna says:

    Such a beautiful song, I love it. It is soothing to hear.

  5. singh160833 says:

    It is really Beautiful song 💜💜
    I love it.💜❤


    1. One of the best collaborations of BTS 💜

  6. Manya says:

    I love this song💜

  7. One of the best collaborations of BTS 💜

  8. Devanshi Bisht says:

    Great collaboration ✨❤️

  9. aqsazea12 says:

    One of the best collab to exist with 2 legendary bands creating a masterpiece

  10. Samiya Parvez says:

    2 of my favourite bands 💜

    1. asmapandey12 says:

      Amazing 😍

  11. Anonymous says:

    You gave a new meaning, how beautiful 😍

    Pranjul Sharma

    1. susmitasamantajwmarriott says:

      You are my heart, you are my soul ♥️ 💛 💓 ❤️ 💖 💗 ….

      1. hema13srini says:

        Great song 😍😍

  12. Dikshitha says:

    Never thought of the lyrics in so depth this is so well written ❤️ this is my comfort song too …BTS is an emotion 💜

  13. asmapandey12 says:

    Amazing 😍

  14. asmapandey12 says:

    Amazing 😍 – asma pandey

  15. Navya Sharma says:

    One of the best collabs out there!!😍

  16. rynwrsi says:

    Nice Article

  17. Sanchita Ambasta says:

    One of my favvsssss 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  18. priyadharsini2884 says:

    My universe is one of my favourite songs and it’s also there in my playlist 💜💜💜💜💜

  19. Gangavathi S says:

    This song is really wonderfully composed.

  20. mamonim161 says:

    This is one of my favourite collaborations 😌💜I just love everything about this song💜✨ the MV, the collaboration, the lines, the concept…everything💜

  21. sheetalkataria08 says:

    One of the best collab in kpop.
    They rock it together. 💕✨️

  22. Neha Tarekar says:

    It’s an good song, but 😅 I am not so fan of it, it reminds me of pandemic times, when I lost my father

  23. it’s the best ever… got to see Coldplay perform in the theatre last year and jin’s last performance in Argentina…. it was an amazing experience

  24. For me this song is always on my playlist❤️

  25. Aayushi mishra says:

    Love this song soo much!!

  26. SABITRI MANNA says:

    One of the songs that will lighten up ur mood when ur feeling down☺️. Sabitri Manna

  27. SABITRI MANNA says:

    One of the best collab in K-pop industry🖤. Sabitri Manna

  28. aanchaltekriwal says:

    This is a classic Coldplay arrangement. Layered, rich, and resonant with spatial sound. Both Coldplay and BTS parts are seamlessly merged in this song. I was amazed by how well Korean verses fit together. This song has it all from driving chorus, exquisite production, emotions, depth, magnificent vocals and harmonisation, to a universal message of “Love” that transcends every boundaries. Also, happy two years of this gem!

  29. Jayati Vyas says:

    The best Collab ever!
    BTS and Coldplay 💜

  30. shaikhanjum999xy says:

    Best Collab 😍

  31. areezasaifi1 says:


  32. Swapnil Sinha says:

    This was way ahead of time collab, people who were not even BTS lovers came forward in support.

  33. Swapnil Sinha says:

    Way ahead of time collab.. even BTS haters were dancing on the tunes.

  34. I was quite amazed by their vocals.. In my playlist since its release

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